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Sunday, March 25, 2012

They have the power (www.insidehalton.com)

Disney star and Iroquois Ridge High School graduate Jasmine Richards sings her new anti-bullying song, “You Have the Power” in front of the students at her old school as the song’s music video plays in the background. The video was shot using the halls of the North Oakville school as the backdrop.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Disney star/Iroquois Ridge High School alumni Jasmine Richards will unveil her bullying prevention music video.

The video shoot took place at Iroquois Ridge High School and will be unveiled March 9, 2012.

*** Bullying Prevention Ideas for the Classroom ***

Attention TEACHERS!

If you're looking to introduce bullying as a topic of class discussion, check out the Stop Bullying Comic Challenge! These bullying prevention activities will give your students a new and creative way to think about an issue that affects all of them but that they're not always excited to talk about.

The activities cover a wide range of bullying scenarios, and it's up to students to show how they would resolve them.

At the end of March, an anthology featuring 20 favourite student comics will be created - a downloadable bullying prevention comic book, for students and by students!

To enter your class in the Comic Challenge:

- assign one of our bullying prevention activities

- add finished comics to your class gallery

- share your gallery with parents and other classrooms by making it publicly viewable

Stand Up And Rise Above - AntiBullying Campaign